Get Help With Your Internet Marketing Projects

“Magically, you have your affiliate program all set up.

“Magically, your products are in your shopping cart.
“Magically, your squeeze page gathers leads for your mailing list, and the mailings go out like clockwork.

“Magically, your affiliates are promoting for you with their custom made newsletters that they send to their lists because your trusty magic assistant has the copy skills to do it.

“And you just say, I want this done, and it gets done and all your tech headaches and nightmares are finished.”

– Sue Clement,

Want a piece of that magic?

Get your marketing and writing done for you, along with a lot of the technical stuff involved with setting up your shopping cart, your autoresponders, your affiliate programs, and more.

Let me be your one-stop shop to solve your problems — magically.

And it all costs less than you think it does.

Don’t know how to deal with the technicalities of autoresponders or shopping cart set-up and maintenance — or just don’t want to deal with it?  Let me do it all for you — and/or teach you how to do it yourself if you like.

Here’s just a partial list of what I can do for you:

And right now, I’m looking for a very few select additional quality clients . I enjoy working with online businesses, whether you’re a guru or a beginner (I can coach you too), coaches, and consultants. I also like helping offline businesses build their online marketing campaigns and increase their customer base and sales exponentially.  You can get my help for 10 or 20 hours a month, or on a per project basis.

Try-me-out projects:


Monthly Retainer Packages


Get priority service for the indicated number of hours each month! You are free to change your plan or cancel it before the end of each month if you like, effective for the following month. Just make those changes before the end of the month so they will take effect with the next month. Months run from your sign-up date.

Silver: 10 hours —————-    $395

Additional hours: $40.00/hour (No carry-over of unused hours)


Silver 2-pay option: $227 every 15 days:


*Gold: 20 hours —————–   $695

Additional hours: $35.00/hour (No carry-over of unused hours)


*Diamond: 20 hours————— $695

Additional hours: $35.00/hour (Up to 5 hours per month can be carried over to the following month).


*Platinum: 40 hours————— $1350


Platinum 2-pay option: $727 every 15 days:


*Copper: 5 hours————— $227


The rates above are subject to change; however, if you sign up right now, you can lock them in for the rest of the year if you like, just as long as your subscription stays current.

If you’re interested in more information, please contact me at Webcopyforyou AT .

Want to learn how to fish yourself??? Get one of my coaching packages!

Ongoing Coaching package, which includes two written step-by-step lessons a month, email support and up to 3 half-hour one-on-one coaching calls per month for $197 for the first month and $297 for the following months, for however many months you would like to continue:

You may also purchase additional hours for extra coaching time, or simply get one of these packages for one-off coaching (no email support), for $297 for 4 hours or $95 for 1 hour of coaching. Please note that they will only be offered on a space available basis, but they will continue to be available for members of the ongoing coaching program.

Add to Cart (Coaching 4 hours)

Add to Cart (Coaching 1 hour)


Here’s what one of my clients just told me about my coaching:

“Wow! I’ve learned more in two weeks (5 hours coaching) than I learned in the 6 months before I started working with you!”